EPISODE 01: Sudden Death

Lola, Samantha and Vanessa attend their father’s sudden funeral, all with big plans of how to use their inheritance. Little do they know, they will be forced to keep his event planning business alive before any chance of taking the money and run.

EPISODE 02: The Miller Wedding

When the wedding officiant is drunk, Lola, Samantha and Vanessa must ensure their father’s final planned event, The Miller Wedding, goes off without a hitch.

EPISODE 03: The Grand Tour

Saul the newspaper delivery boy and Vanessa share a romantic connection. Derrick gives a failed office tour. A Rapping Rabbi makes a surprise appearance. This is Half Sisters Event Planning.

EPISODE 04: The Baby Shower

Vanessa’s idea of Baby Shower Bonding involves graphic tales of virginities lost. Let’s just say Baby Daddy was in the dark…

EPISODE 05: Great Expectations

Amy Poehler’s plans a surprise party for Tina Fey. ‘Nuff said.

EPISODEĀ 06: Female Bonding

Vanessa is torn up over yesterday’s fight with her sisters. Her plan – and special guest – are a bit misguided…and scantily clad.

EPISODE 07: The Sale

Frustrated by the downward spiraling state of the business, Samantha takes matters into her own hands and makes a deal with the devil. Who happens to wear shiny shoes.

EPISODE 08: A Family Affair

Samantha gets caught by her sisters and it looks like the business will crumble. Can Lola and Vanessa summon their highest powers to save the day from an evil villain?

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